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Sample Solves

Examples of images we have solved.

Examples of images we haven't.

Good ones for testing tweak:

Mission Critical Path

We've started alpha-testing the service live on the web. What constitutes success is relatively consistent generation of useful metadata for some subset the following categories of potential users:

Once we get some feedback from alpha testing, we will be moving towards beta-testing, which will try to provide metadata for some subset of these:

Developer Information

Analysis and Plots

  • NewVerify
  • SloanStats - stats about solving SDSS
  • SubSloanStats - stats about solving sub-field from SDSS
  • ErrorAnalysis - how noise propagates through the system
  • NoiseSim - how sensitive are we to code noise
  • BandpassSensitivity - how sensitive we are to differences in bandpass of index and field
  • BandpassEstimation - how well can we guess the bandpass
  • BandpassEstimation2 - how well can we guess the bandpass
  • BandpassEstimation2C - how well can we guess the bandpass
  • SimplexyTuneup - use simplexy as initialization for a better image fit
  • PostmortemAnalysis - A look at our debug output for when a field isn't solving
  • SimpleXyVsSdss - comparing official SDSS source extraction with simplexy
  • GalexChallenge - plots and analysis of progress on the Galex challenge fields
  • GalexChallenge2 - an attempt at solving all the Galex AIS fields
  • SloanStatus - how are we doing in the quest to solve Sloan?
  • SloanStatus2 - dstn has a new favourite index - how is it doing?
  • SloanParameters - stats about setting the parameters for Sloan.
  • SolveSeries - a series of figures showing solving a single field
  • ZoomOut - an animated gif movie showing that The Sky is Big (tm)
  • CatalogPlots - plots of where on the sky various surveys have data
  • Picasaweb - analysis of the astronomical content on Picasaweb
  • USNOBproblems - how to get raw images from USNO and some problems we see
  • Deduplication - (old) a look at code density and justification for deduplication



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